Reconsideration Requests

Our team at Hunter Stone Law can assist you in making a reconsideration request to the Home Office where you have had an application wrongly refused.  If you require assistance in making reconsideration requests then please contact a member of our team and we will assist you further.

You can ask for the decision on your visa or immigration application to be reviewed if you applied in the UK. This is known as a ‘reconsideration request’. It is not a formal appeal, it is an alternative to appeal particularly where a decision has been made wrongly without any mechanism to challenge it by way of an appeal.  You can only make a reconsideration request if you applied in the UK to extend your visa, switch visas or settle in the UK. We can only make a reconsideration request if we believe that the immigration rules or policies were not applied correctly when the decision was made in relation to your case. You must be in the UK to make a reconsideration request.

In very limited circumstances we can also assist you in making reconsideration requests in relation to a decision made at an entry clearance post.

We can make a request if your application was refused and you have any new evidence pertaining to the date of the application, new evidence to prove that your documents were authentic, evidence that information received by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) before the decision date was not available to the team who made the decision.  We can also make requests if your application was successful but you believe the type of leave granted or the expiry date of the leave is wrong. A reconsideration request must be made as soon as possible and no later than at least three months after you get the decision on your application.