Specialist Immigration Lawyers in London

Hunter Stone Law is a leading specialist immigration law firm situated in London.  Our team of lawyers provide comprehensive immigration services for individual clients and corporate clients.

Our extensive knowledge of U.K. immigration law allows us to provide our clients with expert advice and representation to assist them in achieving their objective of obtaining leave to remain in the U.K.  We place particular emphasis on connecting with our clients to provide a highly professional and personalized service.

Our qualified immigration professionals undertake the work through tailored processes designed to meet our client’s specific requirements. Hunter Stone Law are registered with the OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) to ensure that the immigration advice that we offer our clients in relation to the United Kingdom is accurate.

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Why should I choose Hunter Stone Law?

We will assess your case thoroughly and advise you appropriately. We will not overpromise what we can do for you just so you choose Hunter Stone Law. The advice we provide is detailed and thorough and we will be honest about your case from the outset. We will prepare your case to ensure that everything that could be done on your case is completed. We go the extra mile, so our services standards are appreciated within the sector.

Our immigration lawyers also have extensive experience of representing applicants with claims raising issues relating to all the cases within the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality spectrum, for individual, families and corporate clients.

Our immigration lawyers are able to assist with applications and appeals. We can attend immigration courts and tribunals for our clients, and should the need arise we can also instruct Barristers. We also provide one off advice sessions for our clients.

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What are your fees?

We charge a fixed fee for the vast majority of our cases.  We will assess your case and advise you clearly of the work that we will undertake for you and calculate out how much work is required. We will provide a detailed breakdown of the work required and the amount time that we will undertake to carry out that work.  We then give you a quote that will not go up. What we quote is what you pay.


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