Higher Appeals

In the event you already had an appeal heard at the First-Tier Tribunal and your case has been dismissed by the First Tier Tribunal, and you require assistance to apply for permission to appeal to the First-Tier Tribunal or the Upper Tribunal, then our expert in higher appeal team at Hunter Stone Law can assist you with this. You can ask for permission to appeal against the tribunal’s decision if you lose your case. If this happens then in certain circumstances you may be able to apply for permission to appeal against a decision by the Tribunal if you lose your case.  There are very strict and limited grounds on which you can apply permission to appeal.  If you require further advice on this issue then please contact us. 

If your case is currently in the Upper Tribunal and you require further information then please contact us for further advice and assistance. It may also be that you won your appeal but the Home Office appealed the decision and were granted permission to appeal.  If this has happened in your case then we can also assist you.