Sponsor Licence Application for Employers

All sponsors, both new and old, are subject to compliance checks by the Home Office; during these checks many aspects of your HR processes and policies are scrutinised. If you are found to have sub-standard systems in place then you leave your license open to any of the following:

  • £1,000 fine and downgrade of license from A to B rating
  • Suspension of your license
  • Revocation of your license
  • A fine of up to £10,000 per employee found to be working in breach of their conditions(currently under review may be increased to £20,000 per employee)
  • 51% of compliance visits will be unannounced therefore sponsors need to make sure they are ready for a random compliance visit to avoid fines/repercussions
  • Pre-license compliance visits are increasingly being commissioned and most of the time unannounced

All of which will naturally have severe consequences on your staff, business and it’s reputation. Sponsors who have been in breach have found themselves featured in local and national media leading to irreversible damage to your reputation for which you have worked so hard to establish and maintain.

Take action now to protect yourself and your business by enquiring about our compliance services which include:

  • A full compliance check on your current systems and staff  files
  • Guidance on right to work screening
  • Document retention
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Recruitment practices
  • Reporting duties

We can facilitate in meeting your sponsorship duties to avoid potential fines and action being taken against you.

Here are some of the services that we can offer:

1) A one-off full mock compliance audit as would be conducted by the Home Office. Issues will be identified and we will issue an action plan to cover remedial work such as templates and HR policies to be implemented.

2) The service offered in point one above with the addition of a second visit (as and when you, the sponsor, requires) once the sponsor has put in place everything as advised - to ensure sponsor has undertaken necessary action following 1st visit - includes viewing of migrant staff files again.

3) The service offered in point one above.  In addition we will create new staff files for relevant migrant workers including filling in all templates - with this service you, the sponsor, would not have to do anything except maintain the file and continue to carry out the necessary checks upon your migrant workers.

4) A tailor made service to suit and fit your organisational needs to ensure that you have done all that you can to obtain/maintain your sponsor licence.


The fee for each service is dependant upon number of migrant workers for each sponsor and the size of your organisation.  However upon commencing any work we will provide you with a breakdown of our fees and we will only commence any work once you are happy with our fees and the proposal.